1. "If you pay attention you may notice them; the soulfully brave and aware human being. Those who can be kind and warm-hearted despite the anxieties of external pressure. Those who are able to look past their own frustrations, and be able to recognize and respect the trials and tribulations of human existence…in others."
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    Kristen Martincic / http://www.somesiena.com/


  3. lightmilitia:

    "This’ll be an indecent year."


  5. openboat:

    A real new thing opening
    to say just how important
    a hair’s breadth might be
    all our unknowing
    amassed near the sea, too delicate to live on the surface
    so many things running over us
    I think I cry as I perceive
    blood in the minerals because
    breakdowns are sort of like this, I go underground

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    First day at school, Gaza, Palestine.

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  7. Turns out that lonely people are all the same.

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  8. at Gleason, WI

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    Winsor McCay

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