1. at Downtown

  2. at Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood

  3. tierradentro:

    Ecce Homo" (detail), c.1605, Caravaggio.

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  4. Soldier & his English girlfriend kissing under a tree in Hyde Park. London,1944 (via)

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  6. superbestiario:

    Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano, date unknown

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  8. @acj111 took a picture of me taking a picture of @acj111. @michaelasamel also makes an appearance. (at T Bones)

  9. Perfect.
    (at City Park Sculpture Garden)

  10. wetreesinart:

    Odilon Redon (Fr. 1840-1916), Nocturne, huile sur carton, 18 x 23,4 cm, Paris, musée d’Orsay